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RPM Billing provides excellent healthcare billing services and we pride ourselves on delivering an unmatched value proposition to our clients.  We simply help healthcare providers get paid appropriately and timely, and charge lower fees than our competitors.  We do this by making a 100% effort on all accounts, while being mindful about our processes so that we can work efficiently.  We are experts at all areas of healthcare billing and all related processes.  Also, we create positive working relationships with our clients and their staff, and work closely with them to improve the revenue cycle operations. 

Rev Up Your Revenue Cycle!

Add some horsepower and drive your results up!  RPM Billing's team works hard to match the daily efforts of our healthcare providers.  We know that the revenue cycle can be tricky and require attention to detail, and that failure to operate well in this area leads to significant financial losses for all types of providers across the country.  It's a story we've seen so many times, and we always work hard to deliver vastly improved results for our clients.  As part of our billing service, we help our clients with process design and implementation so that the revenue cycle is set up for more successful billing.  This reduces re-work, improves efficiency, adds to our shared expertise, and improves your AR and cash flow results.  Hit the gas, and watch RPM Billing drive your results to new heights!

Our Clients rave about us

"The team at RPM Billing is always very prompt at providing answers and/or solving the problem."

"RPM Billing staff are very pleasant to deal with."

"RPM Billing is an honest, no non-sense billing company that I have grown to trust to be effective, responsive and thorough."

Here at RPM Billing, we are proud that 100% of our clients say they are "Very Satisfied" with our services, that our services are "Very High Quality" and that we are "Very Responsive".

RPM Billing provides excellent insurance billing services and consistently creates significant improvements in revenue and AR performance for our clients.  If you're tired of wondering how much money is being left on the table, or when you'll finally hear from your billing service, then it's time for a change. Let us help you get paid the right amount, on time, from now on. Please contact us at 775-501-9820 or jon@rpmbilling.com for a free analysis of your Accounts Receivable, Revenue Processes, Insurance Contracting, and more.

Welcome to RPM Billing

RPM Billing provides excellent medical billing services nationwide from offices in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. We deliver industry-leading bottom-line results and great customer service for our clients and their patients. We do medical billing, mental health billing, practice management, revenue optimization, insurance contracting, denials management and recovery process improvement, and more. RPM Billing has decades of experience providing medical billing services for numerous types of hospitals and physician specialties, including mental health, and all types of billing systems and software. Our team is dedicated, results-oriented, committed to ethics, and always working with a genuinely positive approach. We use processes that are proven and consistent, communication that is proactive and positive, and teamwork with our clients at all times. This allows our clients to focus on taking care of patients while avoiding the complications of healthcare billing, knowing that they’ve got an excellent and active resource on their team.