RPM Billing LLC Provides Fire Safety Inspection Billing Service


RPM Billing LLC provides fire safety inspection billing and collection services, which significantly improves revenues for Fire Departments.  Fire Departments generally include a full-time designated team of fire prevention professionals who perform fire safety inspections on all buildings in their area, and they can bill for these inspections.  These important teams implement and carry out fire prevention steps like plan review, code compliance, investigations, and training and education throughout their communities.  However, according to Fire Rescue Magazine, when it comes to tight budgets, prevention is one of the first things to be cut.  https://www.firerescuemagazine.com/articles/print/volume-9/issue-4/fire-prevention-and-education/reductions-in-fire-prevention-efforts.html  Each fire can be considered an example of the liability that every Fire Department faces in its attempts to live up to its municipal obligation to provide regular fire inspections for all businesses in its area.  The Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland, California is a pointed example of this.  http://www.ktvu.com/news/oakland-inspection-backlog-could-be-worse-than-city-documents-claimed

Here at RPM Billing LLC, we are proud to help Fire Departments expand their budgets with better billing and collection of fire safety inspection services.  Revenue generated through our consistent approach to fire prevention billing has the ability to provide Fire Departments with funding streams for personnel, equipment, and programs to update key information regarding businesses, addresses, and complaints.  In visiting with our Fire Department friends, billing is recognized as important, but there are many competing priorities and tasks in each Fire Department.  In that environment, with billing being such a specialized process, it is rarely carried out well.  The results include money left on the table, missed opportunities, and Fire Department budgets suffer.

Fire Departments provide an invaluable service to our communities, and we are proud to help them bring in more revenue to support and expand their budgets.
— Jonathan Marshall, MBA, President of RPM Billing LLC

RPM Billing LLC is dedicated to providing excellent billing services to all of our clients.  We have Fire Prevention professionals on staff who help us drive this service line.  With that passion driving us, our approach is based on teamwork and results, and our processes are thoughtful, detailed oriented, and efficient:

1.      We work closely with each Fire Department and their municipality to set up processes which comply with their regulations and allow for efficient flow of information.

2.      We post all payments, reconcile daily payment postings to deposits, and report all of this in a simple daily summary to each client.

3.      We set up secure online resources for sharing all correspondence, all copies of checks and invoices, and all other documents that we process for each client daily.

4.      We regularly follow-up on unpaid invoices in an effort to get them all paid in full.

5.      We provide feedback to each client with the intent of improving processes so that we can optimize our results together.

6.      We set up weekly or monthly phone calls with each client to communicate on key issues and processes, and follow through until each issue is resolved.

7.      We provide a helpful, dedicated, and experienced account manager to each client, who is always available to each provider via phone, email, or text.

8.      We provide each client with access to the billing system that we are using, and training in that system, so that we have full transparency. 

9.      We create environments of positive teamwork among ourselves and our clients.

10.   We customize reports for Fire Departments and their municipalities as requested.

Our clients rave about our services.  We are proud to say that 100% of our clients say they are "Very Satisfied" with our services, that our services are "Very High Quality" and that we are "Very Responsive".  We are committed to continuing the great service that produced these results.

Fire Departments provide an invaluable service to our communities, and we are proud to help them bring in more revenue to support and expand their budgets.  All of our clients see an increase in their revenues, sometimes more than double.  We also have certified ambulance coders on staff and provide medical insurance billing services for ambulance and EMS services provided by Fire Departments and ambulance providers.

RPM Billing LLC is a billing and consulting firm based in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, serving fire departments, ambulance and EMS providers, hospitals, surgery centers, physician groups, and other healthcare providers nationwide. We have an experienced billing team, and we work closely with our clients to make sure 100% of their bills get paid appropriately and timely. Led by Jonathan Marshall, who holds a Healthcare MBA and two decades of experience as CEO, CFO, and COO of hospitals and physician practices, RPM Billing was created as the answer to all of the overpriced and underperforming billing offices out there. We are 100% committed to excellent customer service, processes, bottom line results, and ethics. To contact us for a free review of your company’s opportunities to improve revenues, please call us at 775-501-9820, email us at jon@rpmbilling.com, or visit us at www.rpmbilling.com. Thank you.