New Client Announcements

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Reno Eye Institute

March 21, 2019

RPM Billing LLC is now doing billing and AR management for the Reno Eye Institute, a new comprehensive and medical retina ophthalmology practice in Reno, Nevada. "Reno Eye Institute is creating excitement as a new local provider for Reno, and developing a great reputation for patient care and outcomes. We are thrilled to be working with them, driving excellence in billing services and results," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC. Reno Eye Institute is led by Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Dr. David Freeman, who added, "The team at RPM Billing has been genuinely helpful since day one. They are thoughtful and responsive experts who are quickly getting stronger results for us."

The Empowerment Center in Reno

January 24, 2019

RPM Billing LLC is now providing billing services for the Empowerment Center, which is also based in Reno, Nevada. The Empowerment Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center with a residential facility. "The Empowerment Center has an excellent reputation in addiction treatment here in Reno. We are excited to be working with their team to help them improve billing and cash flow," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC. “We are grateful to have the RPM driving our billing, so that we can focus on treating our patients without the distraction of billing tasks. RPM Billing worked quickly and accurately to provide us with immediate relief and cash flow," said Matthew Platshorn, Assistant Director of the Empowerment Center.

Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno

January 17, 2019

RPM Billing LLC has entered into a billing service agreement with Integrated Spinal Solutions, a chiropractic and physical therapy practice in Reno, Nevada. "Integrated Spinal Solutions is right here in Reno with us, a local provider with an excellent reputation. We are excited to be working with their team to deliver optimized billing services and results," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC. Integrated's CEO is Mark Toomey, who added, "We reached out to Jon and his staff at RPM. From our very first meeting, it was clear RPM meant business. Initial meetings were held, and the representatives from RPM took the time to not only understand what our issues were, but how to take our existing systems and re-work them so that they could be put to their very best use. Within a few weeks, RPM Billing had our process will in hand. Competency and professionalism are the two best works I can use to describe the team at RPM Billing."


Hospitalist Group in Las Vegas

December 16, 2018

RPM Billing has signed a 3-year agreement to provide billing, AR management, and credentialing services to a large multispeciality hospitalist group in Las Vegas. "We are thrilled to be working with such a talented and driven group of professionals. They are working closely with payors and hospitals together to improve, costs, outcomes, and patient experience," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing. "This group endured inconsistent billing services and results before switching to RPM, and we are working to recover their lost collections while establishing custom processes designed to achieve long term consistent success for these hard working physicians."


Recruiting and Training

December 3, 2018

RPM Billing LLC has entered into an agreement with a California hospital do to recruiting and training for their billing department. "This is an exciting project for us, and we were selected for this project because our reputation for great service and results is based on our ability to hire and train people in a positive teamwork environment," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing. "This hospital has been staffing its billing department at a premium cost using outsource companies and people who will always be remote, and they want to save money and create their own team now. This team will be 100% in-house and fully trained on their systems prior to starting work. We are experts at hospital billing, using their systems, recruiting, training, and team building, so this project is a great fit for us."


Psychiatrists in Reno

November 20, 2018

RPM Billing LLC is the billing company of choice for psychiatrists, hospitalists, and other behavioral healthcare providers in Reno. "We are excited to announce two new psychiatry practices in Reno are joining us this month, based on our reputation for excellent service and performance," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing. "Many of our clients refer new clients to us because they are so pleased with our services."


Multispecialty Group in Los Angeles

October 2nd, 2018

RPM Billing LLC is working with a large multi-specialty group in the Los Angeles area to perform a full audit of all billing processes and reports in support of a potential acquisition of the company. "This group of 40 physicians needed to make sure that the potential investor's questions about all areas of billing and AR are being answered by a neutral third party with expertise and credibility in healthcare billing," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing. "We are reviewing the entire map of revenue cycle, from scheduling to collections, in an effort to quickly and clearly identify what is and isn't working, and create meaningful improvements along the way."


Specialty Surgery Group in Sacramento

September 24th, 2018

RPM Billing LLC has started working on an Aged AR clean-up project for a large specialty surgical group in Sacramento, California.  "We are working specific portions of Aged AR for a client whose office was backlogged, and we are turning AR into cash for them as quickly as possible" said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC. “This allows our client's in-house billing team to focus on their current AR and make it perform well. When AR ages, it creates a two-headed monster: the Current AR and the Aged AR. Our efforts allow our client's team to have more success on Current AR while we bring in payments on Aged AR that would have been lost otherwise. In the end, our clients will see teamwork from us, a boost in cash, and the elimination of their Aged AR.”


September 17th, 2018

RPM Billing LLC has entered into an agreement with Alignment Home Health, an Addiction Home Care provider based in Newbury Park, California.  "Alignment Home Health is a cutting edge provider of addiction treatment and services.  We are working together to get their providers credentialed and carrying out their insurance contracting strategies, which will give them access to many more patients," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC. “We are extremely excited to be working with Jonathan and his team to be able to offer a new approach to help overcome addiction and relapse. Alignment uses known and accepted addiction practices; placing them in the home environment where they can be most effective. Helping families heal and end the cycle of active addiction is what our team values most. RPM is helping us be able to reach the masses and have tremendous social impact.”

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September 13th, 2018

RPM Billing LLC has been approved as a business partner with the Washoe County Medical Society which is based in Reno, Nevada.  "We are thrilled to be in a position to help our local healthcare providers.  While we enjoy a strong reputation both locally and nationally, we are excited to take this important step to becoming the billing service of choice for doctors in our community," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC.

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September 12th, 2018

RPM Billing LLC has signed a three-year contract to perform all billing services for San Antonio Family Physicians in San Antonio, Texas.  "We have been helping San Antonio Family Physicians with insurance contracting throughout this year and now we are thrilled to provide them with our full-scope billing service as well.  Dr. Bernstein and his talented team have been great to work with, and together we will establish a successful billing service for his family practice through RPM Billing," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC.  “Jon Marshall and RPM billing have been instrumental in our successful negotiation of insurance contracts. Based on this positive experience we have decided to expand our relationship with them and have also hired them to take care of our billing services. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship,” said Dr. Eric Bernstein, Owner of San Antonio Family Physicians.

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September 10th, 2018

RPM Billing LLC has signed a three-year contract to do ambulance and EMS billing for an EMS response organization that provides ambulance transport services on the west coast. "We are very excited to be helping our hard working ambulance and EMS service providers get paid more for their work.  Our commitment to excellent service and processes means that this ambulance and EMS provider will achieve consistently higher revenues and have a positive working relationship with its billing service," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC.  Ambulance and EMS billing processes are unique compared to billing for other types of healthcare providers, as seen in this blog post here.  RPM Billing's team is highly experienced in ambulance and EMS billing and are Certified Ambulance Coders.