RPM Billing provides excellent medical and mental health billing services with offices in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.  We serve clients nationwide, with a commitment to providing excellent service and results for our clients.  RPM Billing works with all types of physician specialties, clinics, ASCs, hospitals, and mental health providers and facilities.  We are experts at healthcare billing and all related processes, and we work with all types of billing systems and software.  

Many hard working healthcare providers have billing services that don't match their effort, and they have no idea how much money is being left on the table.  If you're tired of wondering about your billing performance, then its time for a change.  Contact us at 775-501-9820 or jon@rpmbilling.com for a free review of your business.

Billing, Follow-up, and denials

How high is your Aged Accounts Receivable?  Most providers are missing money, and they have no idea why or how much.  RPM Billing provides excellent Billing, Follow-Up and, Denials services to all of our billing clients.  We don’t just send claims. We manage your AR, work your aged and denied accounts, and learn and share information with each client.  We then work together to use this information to redesign your revenue cycle processes so that denials are avoided in the future.  The result is a clean accounts receivable aging, a boost in cash, an ongoing increase in cash flows, a more effective and efficient clinic, and lower accounts receivable from now on.  Our clients are experiencing excellent results from our services.


We provide billing and revenue optimization services for all types of physicians and hospitals.

Our services include the following:

  • Full cycle insurance billing and all related processes

  • Revenue cycle operations leadership

  • Practice management

  • Denials management and recovery

  • Cash flow management

  • Scheduling

  • Utilization review

  • Customer service

  • Insurance contracting

  • Admitting and registration

  • Advanced analytics and reporting

  • First and second level appeals

  • Certified Ambulance Coders

  • Certified Professional Coders

  • Eligibility, verification, and authorizations

  • Marketing and demographic analysis

  • Payment tracking and performance indicators

  • Patient out of pocket estimator tools

  • And more!

Our team has current experience and training for numerous types of healthcare providers, including: 

  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital billing

  • Inpatient and outpatient behavioral hospital billing

  • Critical Access Hospital billing

  • Rural health clinic billing

  • Ambulatory surgery center billing for numerous specialties

  • Imaging center billing and professional fee billing

  • Radiology professional fee billing

  • Drug and alcohol rehab center billing

  • PHP and IOP billing

  • Skilled Nursing Facility billing

  • Lab billing (diagnostic, wellness, genetics, toxicology, and PGX)

  • Emergency medicine billing

  • Ambulance billing services (ground, rotor wing, and fixed wing)

  • Certified Ambulance Coders

  • Pain Management billing (office and procedures)

  • Hospitalist and inpatient rounding billing

  • Telemedicine billing

  • Urgent Care billing

  • Primary Care billing

  • Psychiatry billing, psychology billing, behavioral counseling and therapist billing

  • Podiatry billing (office and procedures)

  • Optometry billing (professional fees and supplies)

  • Ophthalmology billing

  • Neuro-Ophthalmology billing

  • Neurosurgery billing

  • General Surgery billing

  • Orthopedic surgery and office billing

  • Physical therapy billing, speech therapy billing, occupational therapy billing

  • Allergy billing

  • Dermatology billing

  • Applied Behavior Analysis billing

  • Urology billing

  • Oncology billing

  • ENT Specialists billing

  • Cardiology billing

  • Diabetic clinic

  • In office lab billing


Our Core Team performs consistent billing processes every day.

Our Revenue Optimization Team are experts at data, analysis, and processes. They are creative, inquisitive, and intuitive. They use and create information to optimize results in all areas of our clients' businesses. They also provide customized reports to our Core Team, our Target Team, and also back to our clients.

Our Target Team zealously pursues hot button items for clients, while using information from the Revenue Optimization Team in order to drive amazing results without distracting the Core Team.