RPM Billing Announcement: Remarkable Results for our Clients!

By Jonathan Marshall, President and Founder of RPM Billing

August 22, 2017

I created RPM Billing as answer to all of the overpriced and substandard billing services that I’ve encountered throughout my career. Far too many healthcare providers work in an environment of frustration, doubt, and mistrust with their billing service. For the last two decades, I’ve worked as CEO and CFO of hospitals and physician offices. Fixing the billing first has been a great way for me to deliver quick and meaningful results for my clients and employers. Many times, I personally re-trained the staff at other billing companies so that my clients could get better results. Those experiences led me to design RPM Billing to be the best medical billing service anywhere, with a daily focus on excellent processes, results, customer service, client relationships, and ethics. We also work with all types of billing and EMR systems.  We pride ourselves by working every single account, making a 100% effort to get 100% of them paid, provide timely and friendly responses to our clients and their patients 100% of the time, and keep a commitment to doing all of that at the lowest possible cost. 

Today I am excited to announce that the RPM Billing vision is a reality. We have been serving clients since the start of the year, and the results are truly remarkable. Here are some brief examples of the work we are doing for our clients.

One of our clients is a primary care physician who struggled with his previous billing service’s poor service and shady ethics. For years, this billing service feigned effort while insisting they were working the AR, but barely responded to his requests for reports and analysis. RPM Billing has nearly doubled his average collections per account from $59 to $117, provided advanced analytics of his AR, created a successful automated patient statement process, and helped him with in-office processes and business development. And RPM Billing’s fee rate is 50% less than the amount he was paying the previous service.

One of our physical therapy clients was fairly confident that her billing service was working, she was just unhappy with their attitude and customer service. She asked us to take over and we started working every claim, including reviewing all of the old AR. Her previous billing service was hiding their mistakes, skipping the tough accounts, and leaving money on the table. No wonder they had defensive attitudes. RPM Billing has worked 100% of her accounts and improved her collections from $80 per patient to $93 per patient, an increase of 16%. We are also working with their staff daily to help them drive upfront collections, working the old AR from the previous billing company, and helping with in-office processes and insurance contract issues. And RPM Billing’s fee rate is 7% less than she was paying the previous service.

Other clients had billing services that were almost invisible. Companies that came in promising results, and then simply did almost no work after being hired. We don’t even have data to compare ourselves against their previous results. But we know exactly how many patients they’ve seen, and we have billed and are following up on 100% of them, and we are seeing cash deposited into their bank accounts daily. And in all cases, RPM Billing is charging a lower fee rate than they were contracted to pay their previous billing service.

Our clients agree with our results and they are raving about us.  We are thrilled with a recent client satisfaction survey in which 100% of our clients say they are "Very Satisfied" with our services, that our services are "Very High Quality" and that we are "Very Responsive". We received comments such as, "The team at RPM Billing is always very prompt at providing answers and/or solving the problem," and "RPM Billing staff are very pleasant to deal with," and "RPM Billing is an honest, no non-sense billing company that I have grown to trust to be effective, responsive and thorough."

I am truly proud and excited by these results, and honored that we are trusted by our clients.  It is validating for me to see my vision come to fruition. The way we work creates the success we bring to our clients, and it is even better than I imagined it. With that, I have a renewed determination to keep growing the business and share RPM Billing’s excellent medical billing service with as many healthcare providers as we can. As part of this effort, we are offering bonuses for new client referrals.  Doctors and hospitals should be able to focus on patients and have confidence that they will get paid the appropriate amount in a timely fashion. RPM Billing makes it happen for them.

RPM Billing is a professional medical billing and consulting firm based in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, and serving clients nationwide. We work with our clients to develop processes that make sure 100% of their patient encounters are billed and paid appropriately and timely. Led by Jonathan Marshall, a leader with a Healthcare MBA and two decades of experience as CEO, CFO, and COO of hospitals and physician practices, RPM Billing was created as a commitment to excellent processes, results, and customer service for its clients. To contact us for a free review of your company’s opportunities to improve revenues while reducing costs, call us at 775-501-9820, email us at jon@rpmbilling.com, or visit us at www.rpmbilling.com