RPM Billing LLC Successfully Launches Hospitalist Billing Service Line


RPM Billing LLC is excited to announce our hospitalist billing service line.  We are currently contracted to perform billing services for over 15 hospitalist providers, and growing.  Our providers currently include psychiatrists rounding on inpatients and running outpatient programs at a behavioral hospital, a general surgery group with full-time employed hospitalist providers rounding on post-surgical patients, a neurosurgery group with full-time employed hospitalist providers rounding on post-surgical patients, and full-time hospitalists working independently at a variety of hospitals. 

Our mission is to provide excellent billing and revenue management services for each of our clients, and we are looking for clients who want to partner with us in this effort.
— Jonathan Marshall, MBA, President of RPM Billing LLC

We work closely with each of our hospitalist billing clients to set up custom processes which allow them to focus on patients while we handle as much of the administrative tasks as possible.  Key aspects of our process include:

1.       We set up a PO Box, and set up all insurance companies to mail all payments and correspondence to that PO Box, which we work daily. 

2.       We open all mail, process deposits, make the deposit into the client’s bank account (RPM never deposits our clients’ money into an RPM bank account), post all payments, reconcile each day’s payment postings to match each day’s deposit, and report all of this in a simple and helpful summary email to each client daily.

3.       We scan and email all correspondence, all copies of checks and EOBs, and all other documents received in the mail to each client daily.

4.       We immediately work all denials with the intent of getting every single one paid.  Our goal is zero lost dollars due to denials.

5.       We provide feedback to each provider based on their denials, with the intent of improving processes so that we get fewer denials in the future.  Our goal is zero denials.

6.       We also work on insurance contracting and credentialing issues for our providers.  For example, the Medicare provider enrollment process starts here: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/CMS-Forms/CMS-Forms/CMS-Forms-Items/CMS019476.html

7.       We design charge capture forms that are easy and quick for the provider.

8.       We work closely with the hospital staff to gain access to EMR systems and set up information sharing processes so that we can get questions answered without constantly putting our providers in the middle of that conversation.

9.       We set up weekly or monthly phone calls with each provider to communicate on key issues and processes, and follow through until each issue is resolved.

10.   We provide a helpful and dedicated account manager to each client, who is always available to each provider via phone, email, or text.

Additionally, we provide each client with access to the billing system that we are using, and training in that system, so that they have full transparency into their AR.  We take that passive transparency a step further into what we call proactive transparency.  At the end of each month, we provide a custom set of reports and analysis to each client to help them see all of the activity and status of the AR.  If there are any insurance balances over 90 days old, we list them and explain how each one got that old, and what we are doing about it to (a) get the claim paid and (b) improve processes.

Our clients rave about our services.  We are proud to say that 100% of our clients say they are "Very Satisfied" with our services, that our services are "Very High Quality" and that we are "Very Responsive".  We are committed to continuing the great service that produced these results.

Our hospitalist billing clients work hard to juggle huge case loads of patients, and they need a billing service that works just as hard to get the billing done appropriately and timely.  The way we work produces the consistently excellent results that our clients enjoy.  We work ethically in order to keep our clients away from risk, and we work thoughtfully and thoroughly in order to keep our clients away from unnecessary paperwork.  Our mission is to provide excellent billing and revenue management services for each of our clients, and we are looking for clients who want to partner with us in this effort.  We are happy to provide references who will testify to the way we work.

RPM Billing LLC is a medical billing and consulting firm based in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, serving doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, rehab centers, ambulance providers, hospitalist groups, and other healthcare providers nationwide. We have an experienced billing team, and we work closely with our clients to make sure 100% of their bills get paid appropriately and timely. Led by Jonathan Marshall, who holds a Healthcare MBA and two decades of experience as CEO, CFO, and COO of hospitals and physician practices, RPM Billing was created as the answer to all of the overpriced and underperforming billing offices out there. We are 100% committed to excellent customer service, processes, bottom line results, and ethics. To contact us for a free review of your company’s opportunities to improve revenues, please call us at 775-501-9820, email us at jon@rpmbilling.com, or visit us at www.rpmbilling.com. Thank you.