RPM Billing LLC Team Achieves Certified Ambulance Coder Certification


RPM Billing LLC is proud to announce that members of our team have achieved Certified Ambulance Coder certificates from the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance (https://www.ambulancecompliance.com).   This allows us to bring our commitment to excellent billing services and results to ambulance providers. 

Ambulance coding and billing is reputed to be among the most complicated and challenging areas of healthcare billing.  There are many data elements and nuances that must be gathered and considered in order to properly bill for ambulance services.  Even Medicare’s website, which is normally an easy and helpful resource for billing professionals, only provides lengthy and complicated answers such as this PDF for ambulance billing (https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Medicare-Learning-Network-MLN/MLNProducts/Downloads/Medicare-Ambulance-Transports-Booklet-ICN903194.pdf). 

Here at RPM Billing LLC, we are accustomed to working in the most challenging situations.  Our team members are experts at aged AR recovery, denials management, and revenue cycle process improvement, in addition to routine billing and collections services.  In fact, many billing services won’t do ambulance billing because it is complicated, but for us it is relatively easy. 

Ambulance services are provided to every community across America.  They can be in the form of ground (which includes marine) or air (which includes fixed wing or airplanes, and rotary wing or helicopters).  We are delighted to be in a position to be to help these organizations and their hard working crews get paid timely and appropriately for ambulance services.

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