RPM Billing LLC Relationship Announcement: Washoe County Medical Society


RPM Billing LLC has been approved as a business partner with the Washoe County Medical Society which is based in Reno, Nevada.  "We are thrilled to be in a position to help our local healthcare providers.  While we enjoy a strong reputation both locally and nationally, we are excited to take this important step to becoming the billing service of choice for doctors in our community," said Jonathan Marshall, President of RPM Billing LLC. 

RPM Billing LLC is a healthcare billing and consulting firm based in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, serving all types of family practice and primary care groups, hospitals, specialty groups, ambulance and EMS providers, surgery centers, and other healthcare providers both locally and nationwide. We have a highly experienced billing team that is committed to excellent process, service, and results.  We work closely with our clients to make sure 100% of their revenue is collected consistently. Led by Jonathan Marshall, who holds a Healthcare MBA and two decades of experience as CEO, CFO, and COO of hospitals and physician practices, RPM Billing was created as the answer to all of the overpriced and underperforming billing offices out there. We are 100% committed to excellent customer service, processes, bottom line results, and ethics. To contact us for a free review of your company’s opportunities to improve revenues, please call us at 775-501-9820, email us at jon@rpmbilling.com, or visit us at www.rpmbilling.com. Thank you.